Business mode

Consultant service

Aiming at the special backgrounds of China's hotel projects and the special requirements of China's hotel owners, Advanced consulting methods quartet, ``Driving the whole, Improving yourself,Strong words and strong deeds, Quick change `` are established to provide advisory opinions which can solve practical problems and workable solutions for clients.

Feasibility Analysis

Professional team will enter into earlier planning stage of the project, give full project feasibility research and analysis and direct clients to make the optimal decision.

Hotel Preparation

During the hotel planning, designing and constructing processes, full technical support will be provided. Assistance and guidance will be offered at every single detail of constructing. Thus cooperative partners' investment cost will be effectively saved and their benefits will be surely maximized.

Opening Serivce

Before the hotel come into use, a professional team will do the preparatory work including the purchase and installation of hotel facilities, the recruitment and training of the staff, and setting rules and regulations of hotel management. They will give guidance and be responsible for the opening and provide serial services for cooperative partners to manage the hotel.

Mandatory Administration

Chinese hotel new members will enter the world's luxury hotel field and be admitted by the world market through all sales and marketing channels of the headquarter.