BTL Group
Coming from China with the unique Oriental culture, serving the world

BTL has become a well-known professional hotel service platform for investment, development and operation.

Fauchon Hospitality

Enjoy the French elegance of “LA Ville en Rose”

Fauchon,an 130 years-old brand,family-owned company since 2006,created the concept of glamous contemporary gastronomy.

Fauchon is founded in 1886, specialized on gourmet food and delicatessen. At the present time, it has 81 branded stores and restaurants over 20 countries. To enter into the hospitality business, Fauchon allied with Esprit De France under a joint venture to operate an Osman style 5-star hotel at Place de la Madeleine, epitomizing a romantic and glamorous life style. In 2019, BTL and Fauchon have strategically allied to develop the unique Fauchon hotels in China.


Opened a new era of contemporary working space and concept

Under the traditional open office concept, we created a different working experience through various combinations of space, hardware and office services.