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Luxury resort WEI Retreat、YU BOUTIQUE HOTEL;

Luxury boutique hotel & resort, blum(BOLUN Hotels & Resorts)、DU House, themed boutique hotel DOMUS

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Japan Hokkaido micro hotel, France luxury theme hotel fauchon hotel, France luxury hotel pavlos hotel.


Wei Retreat

Oriental elegance
WEI Retreat is a modern interpretation of elegant luxury in Chinese culture, creating an Oriental aesthetic life for every guest.


Make the best of things
With ``quite`` ``repair`` ``raise`` as the core element, create a quiet and elegant personalized situation.


The perfect combination of tradition and elegance...
Founded in 2000, paphos hotels has more than 160 luxury hotels in more than 20 countries.In 2012, bantai group became the general agent of paavolens hotels in Asia Pacific region.

DU House

Hidden in a corner of the bustling city of ``exquisite, simple, comfortable`` home.
In the simple and elegant space, feel a warm and comfortable leisure travel experience.